Motion sensored GPS alerts

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onTracks are the first multi-use GPS. Put your GuideWatches and enjoy your trip!

No screen. No map. No voice. Command your moves through the vibrations:left or right

With the pack GuideWatches "MOBILE" , whether on a bike or motor bike, enjoy your rides safely without having to stop to find your way, nor look down at your map. When you are riding bikes or motorbikes, you will no longer have to focus on your GPS device any longer, just let the vibrations guide you. You will know when you have to make a turn.

“Mobile” pack contents :

    - 2 GuideWatches

    - A set of 2 “sport” wristbands

    - A set of 2 “classic” wristbands

    - A set of 2 adaptors for the handlebar of your vehicle

But the GuideWatches onTracks is also the first GPS multi-activities : you can use the same GPS Watch for you travel but also for your outdoor activities and for your 2 wheels rides.

onTracks is also a smartwatch with hours, messages & what's app & Twitter & Facebook notifications